Passwords and Access

Passwords serve a very important, fundamental purpose - preventing unauthorized access. For that reason, creating strong, unique passwords for every account is critical. In addition to protecting your accounts with a strong password, you must also protect the access to those accounts, both at work and at home.

Security Tip: SIM Card Swap

Our smartphones serve so many functions these days, and our device’s SIM card can be their lifeblood. Through some targeted hacks, cyber criminals are using their dirty tricks to use our SIM cards against us, providing them with full access to personal and financial information.
Security Tip - Advanced Fee Loan

Security Tip: Advanced Fee Loan Scam

In need of a loan? Make sure you think twice and do your research before jumping on board with a lender.
PoCareIT Security Tip Social Media Quizzes

Security Tip: Social Media Quizzes

Social media sites can be a great way of sharing photos, comments and connecting with friends and family, but certain seemingly innocent surveys can put some sensitive data into the hands of a cyber criminal.
ProCareIT Security Awareness Newsletter

Malware, Phishing, and Other Lurking Threats

Security threats come from everywhere. Even though some threat detection require technical skills, the ultimate threat detection is you--the human firewall.
ProcareIT Security Tip Say Yes Scam

Security Tip: Say Yes Scam

In a devious scheme, scammers are looking to record the sound of your voice saying the word “yes”. This recording can then be used against you to authorize changes on a phone, utility or credit card bill.
ProCareIT Security Tip Ransomware

Security Tip: The Threat of Ransomware

Ransomware has been a hot button topic. Often, cyber criminals use ransomware in hopes of getting a bigger bang for their buck, and unfortunately, is a trend that is showing no signs of slowing down.
ProCare IT Security Tip Credit Freeze

Security Tip: Credit Freeze

We can take many security steps to protect our information but setting up a credit freeze or a credit lock can be a great way to instantly elevate the security of your personal information.
ProCare IT Security Tip Avoid Android Malware

Security Tip: Avoid Android Malware

Android is the most common operating system among mobile phone users which makes them a top target among cybercriminals. Following these tips can help keep your devices safe.
Newsletter - Living The Human Firewall Life

Living the Human Firewall Life

Being a human firewall is more than just not clicking on obvious phishing links; it's a lifestyle choice that improves overall security no matter where you go or what you do.