ProCare IT Security Tip Credit Freeze

Security Tip: Credit Freeze

We can take many security steps to protect our information but setting up a credit freeze or a credit lock can be a great way to instantly elevate the security of your personal information.
ProCare IT Security Tip Avoid Android Malware

Security Tip: Avoid Android Malware

Android is the most common operating system among mobile phone users which makes them a top target among cybercriminals. Following these tips can help keep your devices safe.
Newsletter - Living The Human Firewall Life

Living the Human Firewall Life

Being a human firewall is more than just not clicking on obvious phishing links; it's a lifestyle choice that improves overall security no matter where you go or what you do.
Security Tip Line of Credit Scam

Security Tip: Line of Credit Scam

Taking out a line of credit using your home’s equity can be a great way for homeowners to obtain some beneficial funds. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are aware of this interest and are using their tricks to steal your financial information or payments.
Security Tip Backup Your Data

Security Tip: Backup Your Data

What would you do if you lost everything you’ve ever stored or created on your phone or computer? This is a situation nobody wants to be in, and one that can easily be avoided by properly backing up your important files.

Cybercrime and You

It's a common misconception that cybercrime only affects big businesses. Not only does cybercrime impact businesses of all sizes, it has huge negative repercussions that can impact us personally as well.
Security Tip 3 Tips to Prevent Hackers

Security Tip: 3 Tips for Fighting Hackers

Protecting yourself and your information from hackers may sound like an impossible task, but there are simple preemptive tips that anyone can follow to strengthen their security.
ProCareIT Security Tip - Capital One Breach

Security Tip: Capital One Breach

Recently, the world became aware of a data breach at Capital One, and unfortunately, cyber-criminals are jumping at the opportunity to capitalize on the potential victims.
ProCareIT Security Tip Unwanted Vacation Souvenir

Security Tip: Unwanted Vacation Souvenir

Vacation rentals can be a great way to spend family time during the summer. However, certain activities you do could lead to negative consequences
Monthly Security Newsletter - Defending Data

Defending Data

We live in a connected world where sensitive data has effectively become currency. As such, understanding how to protect that information has become an imperative part of our daily routines.