ProCare IT Security Tip two Factor Authentication

Security Tip: Two-Factor Authentication

In this week’s security tip video, learn about what Two-Factor Authentication truly is and how it can help protect your critical accounts
ProCareIT Security Tip USB Drives

Security Tip: Use Caution with USB Drives

In this week’s security tip, learn some of the security risks associates with USB drives and some of the steps you can take to safely utilize these devices.
ProCare IT Avoiding Online Scams

Security Tip: Avoiding Online Scams

In this week’s security tip video, learn about some of the common online scams and the steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim.
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The Art of the Con

While the technical side of cybersecurity, such as firewalls and threat detection services, helps contain various attacks, it’s the human side that poses the most risk.
Security Tip Social Engineering Attacks

Security Tip: Social Engineering Attacks

In this week’s security tip video, learn more about how social engineering attacks work and the steps you can take to avoid becoming a victim.
ProCareIT Financial Scam Awareness

Security Tip: Financial Scam Awareness

We all would go to great lengths to protect our personal information and our hard-earned money. Unfortunately, scammers are using this awareness to play off our fears and trick victims into providing some of our most personal information.
ProCareIT Security Tip Robo Call Scams

Security Tip: Robo-Call Scams

We’ve all undoubtedly received a robo-call at some point in our lives. In most cases, these are easy to spot, but new and more sophisticated tricks by these scammers are making them much more convincing.

Security Tip: Clean Your Computer

A clean computer is a happy computer! Keeping your computer files organized and your system and software up to date can help keep your computer running efficiently.

Security Tip: Cryptojacking Malware

We rely on our computers to keep us productive through our daily lives. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are using their dirty tricks to turn our computers against us for their own profits, without us even knowing it.

Passwords and Access

Passwords serve a very important, fundamental purpose - preventing unauthorized access. For that reason, creating strong, unique passwords for every account is critical. In addition to protecting your accounts with a strong password, you must also protect the access to those accounts, both at work and at home.