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Vishing Scams

Voice Phishing, also known as Vishing, may not be the latest scam in a cybercriminal’s toolbelt, but its effectiveness keeps it as a top concern for many of us. In this security tip, learn more about Vishing Scams and how to protect yourself and your information.

CEO Fraud – Business Email Compromise Scam

CEO fraud, also known as a Business Email Compromise scam, is a popular trick among cyber-criminals. Mixing Social Engineering tricks with a sense of urgency, these scammers are able to get a much bigger bang for their buck. In this security tip, learn more about this scam and how you can prepare yourself to avoid becoming the next victim!

We are ready for a change this fall!

MedCo Data is very excited to announce the rebranding of our ProActive Care support division to ProCare IT. For the past decade, MedCo Data has marketed our helpdesk support division as ProActive Care. As we continue to expand nationwide our brand has crossed paths with established regional vendors marketing under the same, or similar names. […]

Network Security: The Hardest Easy Policy

What is cyber security?  It seems like a simple question, but it can be a truly difficult answer.  In simple terms, it is the use of hardware, software, training, and practices to secure data, and block the infiltration of your information by outside entities.  A simple question, with a not so simple answer. When it […]